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What is Abuse?

What is Abuse?

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Abuse is when someone does something wrong to you that hurts you, frightens you or makes you unhappy
different types of abuse
Physical Abuse, Sexual abuse, Emotional abuse, Stealing, Neglect & Discrimination
physical Abuse
This is when someone hurts your body. It could be by hitting or kicking you.
Sexual Abuse
This is when someone touches you in places you don't want them to, makes you touch them or have sex with them.
Emotional abuse
This is when people say nasty things to you which hurt your feelings or shout at you. They might call you names, laugh at you, threaten you or even ignore you.
This is when someone takes your money or belongings without asking or forces you to let them take things.
This is when you are not being looked after properly. You may be hungry, cold or be wearing dirty clothes because you are not getting the support you need.
This is when people are mean to you because you a different. It might be because of the colour of your skin, a disability, your religion or your age.

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