Your options after leaving school

Your options after leaving school

When you reached the end of Year 11 you could continue your education at a local college. The nearest Colleges in the local area are: Redbridge College, Barking and Dagenham College, Epping Forest College, Havering College, Newham College and Waltham Forest College.
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Find out what your school sixth form offers. If there is not a course you want to do, ask your Personal Adviser if any other schools may offer one. You may be able to: learn new skills, do work experience, work on you English, Maths and IT or have more time to decide what you want to do next.
Many young people are interested in getting an apprenticeship as you can work for ab employer, learn on the job, build up knowledge and skills and gain a qualifications. However, apprenticeships are very popular and so there is a huge amount of competition for vacancies. Most employers want a applicants to achieve 4 C grades in their GCSEs, often including Maths, English and Science.
You may get a financial allowance call an Education Allowance if you go to college, stay at school or begin training. Your Personal Adviser can give you more information.
To do most Jobs you need training. Some people begin their training Through E2E (Entry to Employment). E2E gives you the chance to try out different type of jobs, learn new skills you can improve your English, Maths and IT skills, You will get support from your Connexions Personal Adviser who will help you a learning plan for you, it will be different to school, you will be able to work towards an NVQ and E2E experiances can help you find a job or college course.
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Your Connexion Personal Adviser can give you more infomation about E2E and arrange for you to visit the organisation which provides the training in specific job skills such as hair dressing, construction or childcare.
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Only a very small number of 16 year olds in Redbridge go straight into jobs after Year 11. Many of these get jobs through family and friends. To apply for work you need to have skills, experiance and qualification to offer to an employer who will be prepared to pay you for them. Many young people First go into training such as E2E and this helps them to get a job as they gain new skills and more work experiance.
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If you do get an apprenticeship or a job then you may have the opportunity to work towards gaining NVQs. These are qualifications you can do at work. An assessor will visit you at work and ask you questions. If you are successful then it shows you are good at your job. You can also take a National Vocational Qualification course at college.
If there is no suitable course available locally you may want to go to a college in another area of Britian and live there while you study. There are long waiting list for courses so you are advised to apply to 2 years before you want to go. Your Connexions Personal Adviser will discuss this with you if this is an option you want to think about.

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